6 Hotel Rooftop Bars You Need to See this Summer

For locals and visitors alike, the place to be on beautiful summer days (and nights) is one of these high rise destinations. Local insider, Meghan Yuri Young, reveals the rooftops that are not your typical hotel bar but equal parts hip hangout and spectacular sightseeing.

It should come as no surprise (think: Drake’s Views) that the type of Toronto hot spot having its moment right now is the hotel rooftop. These are some of the local favourites.

Hotel X

This luxury hotel is the first of its kind at the Exhibition, a prime location for festivals, music concerts, athletic events and family fun. With both buildings and the great lake sprawled before it — no obstructions in sight — people can enjoy a view unlike any other offered throughout the rest of the city. This view can be accessed from the Falcon SkyBar, a three-level rooftop bar and lounge that’s open year-round. Although you might not want to take a dip in the outdoor pool unless you want to prove just how Canadian you can be.


The Bisha is like a palace fit for rockstar Saudi Arabian princes. Darkly edgy and opulent when you first walk in, this elegant hub found in the Entertainment District offers a stark contrast when you venture up to its 44th floor, where you’ll find Kōst, its signature rooftop restaurant. It’s complete with white oak walls, ivory ceramic tabletops and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook an infinity pool and the CN Tower.

Don’t let the panoramic view and luxurious details fool you; this is a hotel rooftop that embraces a laid-back approachability to suit anyone’s needs and desires. The restaurant itself offers fresh and colourful flavours inspired by Californian and Mexican coastlines. Come morning, noon or night, the bright dishes and refreshing cocktails will not disappoint.

Broadview Hotel

As Toronto continues to grow, neighbourhoods outside of the downtown core have been getting more love. One area, in particular, holds a soft spot for locals — where the Broadview sits on the cusp of Riverdale and Leslieville. It represents one of the city’s biggest transformations to date, which only solidifies the coming up of the east end. Many have likened the former strip club to an eastern version of The Drake on the west end.

Modern chic with a ton of warm and welcoming details, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a few bites and drinks while taking in the Toronto skyline.

Beverley Hotel

The Beverley rooftop bar is a cozy sliver of a space that grabs your attention immediately with its smart layout, string lights and simple chic decor. The food also stands out with good reason. Headed by Executive Chef and Partner Vittorio Colacitti, the menu reflects the hotel’s minimalism but each dish comes out with a bang, while the cocktail list is also very impressive.

Thompson Hotel

A growing staple in the core, the Thompson offers a bit of everything a person could ask for when visiting Toronto. From a nightclub to a diner and even a Parisian restaurant, it all goes hand in hand seamlessly. The cherry on top is most definitely the Thompson rooftop bar and lounge, which comes complete with its own pool.

Perfect for events, casual dining and fancy drinks, it’s a space that is a true meeting ground for the city’s diverse community. Those visiting will not only appreciate the amenities but also the local crowd it attracts, which skews on the side of business casual.

Drake Sky Yard

Last but certainly not least is a true west end staple, the Drake Sky Yard. Even with all of the spectacularly new hotel rooftops popping up, the Sky Yard holds a charm and a history few can beat. Not to mention that it’s in a gem of an area.

This is a place where everyone is welcome and anything can happen. Whether it’s a chill vibe during the day or something a little more lively at night, this is the place to be on any given day. Since the Drake is also well-known for its food and drink selection, locals know that you can never really miss with this one.

If you prefer to venture away from the hotel for your patio lounging, you’ll enjoy these 5 Toronto restaurants with a view.

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