Local Faves: Top 10 Spots for Comfort Food in Toronto

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Food & travel blogger Solmaz K. asks food writers and chefs about their favourite comfort food spots. Their answers are as diverse as Toronto itself.

Although the rationale behind what foods fall into this much-loved category is different for everyone, I think most would agree that they tend to be dishes that warm us up from the inside. For some, these foods are deeply nostalgic and spark fond memories at first bite while for others they’re solely rich, flavorful meals that help us get through our colder months. The silver lining? Toronto is a city with one of the most diverse culinary scenes on the planet so there’s no shortage of mouthwatering comfort foods to choose from. Since this can be a bit overwhelming for some, I reached out to a few local food lovers to see what their fave eats are. Here’s what they had to say.

Chicken Hot Pot Broth /
Ravi Soups

When I’m sick or when I want something that makes me feel comforted, my go-to without fail is always Ravi Soups. I love the combinations they offer. My favourite is probably the Chicken Hot Pot Broth: it has some Thai flavours and is as comforting as chicken soup.

Amanda (Ama) Scriver, freelance writer. @amascriver.

My comfort food is Italian. You can find my favorite pasta Mafalde ai Funghi at Gusto 101. I also love to order a few side dishes like the Arancini or Mozzarella Di Bufala — reminds me of my mom’s southern Italian home cooking.

Anna Napolitano, influencer. @food.diva.

Injera & lamb tibs /
Ethiopian Cuisine

When I’ve had a not-so-good day, I head up the street to Ethiopiques — a tiny family-run Ethiopian restaurant on Church St. Within the confines of those walls, I bury my face into a mound of injera and platter of lamb tibs. It’s the restaurant’s signature dish. It gives me all the solace I need, stewed vegetables and meats that I sop up with soft spongy bread. For an hour it transports me to another time and place. No phones, no outside world.

(Note: The restaurant site closed in May 2018 but patrons can enjoy the Ethiopiques menu, as well as other Ethiopian and fusion items at the owners’ new cafe, Enat Buna.)

Suresh Doss, food writer and print editor for Foodism Toronto.

I love the beef Pho at Pho Pasteur. The broth is warm, rich and comforting but the Thai basil, lime and bean sprouts are so refreshing. It’s the best of both worlds.

Ayngelina Brogan, publisher of the culinary travel site Bacon is Magic.

Jerk Chicken Poutine /
Street Shak Caribbean Kitchen

My favourite comfort food is the Jerk Chicken Poutine from Street Shak. Here are the goods: tender and spicy jerk chicken, cheese curds and house made gravy on fresh cut fries finished with scotch bonnet BBQ sauce and a garlic aioli. The owner Tony Bradshaw is possibly the nicest restaurateur in Toronto. He is of Bajan heritage just like me (family from Barbados) so we’ve got a bond and his food is full of familiar feel-good flavours.

Ryan Hinkson, food & lifestyle content creator. Curator at Eat Famous.

Calzone /
Frank's Pizza House

The calzone from Frank’s Pizza House is the best in the city. Like that episode of Seinfeld with George Steinbrenner: sometimes I think about a hot calzone all day long. It’s better every time I eat it — so good that I crave it.

Matt Basile, owner and creator of Fidel Gastro's street food company.

When it’s cold outside and I need something delicious to lift my spirits, I want something hot, spicy and satisfying. Traditional Indian street food like Channa Bhatura always hits the spot. The classic deep fried Punjabi bread is served with some spiced potatoes and chickpea curry (make sure you get some chopped onions and tamarind chutney along with it). I recommend heading to Punjabi by Nature in Brampton for the dish — best enjoyed when it’s snowy, slushy or rainy outside!

Angelie Sood, television host; food & lifestyle blogger at The Lifestyle File.

For comfort food I head to Vinnie’s Panini on Dupont. The old-school veal sandwiches are just outstanding. Classic, comforting, working-class!

Dick Snyder, wine curator at kwäf.

When I’m looking for comfort I go to Terroni on Queen West – always. Pasta, pizza, the best homemade bread, a fabulous selection of Italian wines and those incredible pepperoncini they serve. There is nothing better than a badass plate of pasta for me and at Terroni it’s always perfect. I’ve been going for years and have tried almost everything on the menu. I love it so much that I recently went three times in a single week – no shame in my game.

Camille Moore, Le Cordon Bleu Paris-trained chef and food expert on The Social. @camicooks.

Schnitzel plate /
Country Style Hungarian Restaurant

It’s so hard to pick one, but when I need something comforting, it has to be Eastern European food. I like to head to Country Style Hungarian Restaurant in the Annex for schnitzel and dumplings. If I’m hungry, I add an order of pierogi with debreziner sausage and crispy onions. I love that (until the recent renovation) nothing had changed at the restaurant in 40 years! Reminds me of my childhood.

Joel Solish, brand and business development, mostly for Bespoke Butchers. Culinary Creative Branding + Communications.

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