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From over-the-top proportions and unusual fixings to burgers with a view – Carolann and Macrae, also known as the globetrotting duo behind One Modern Couple, have tried their fair share of burgers around the world – and in Toronto. Bite into their top picks for getting a burger fix around town.

It’s a beautiful moment when you take that first delicious bite of a flavourful, condiment covered patty, sandwiched between two perfectly baked halves of a bun. A good burger, whether it’s made with meat, veggie options or something altogether different, is something to savour. We’ve tried a ridiculous number of burgers around the world and we’re convinced that some of the best are right here in Toronto. In fact, there are so many amazing burgers to be found that it’s pretty hard to narrow down our favourite. Instead, we’ve come up with seven restaurants that we recommend visiting especially when the warmth of the summer summons thoughts of gathering with friends and grilling outdoors.

Explore the options below and fulfill all of your hamburger dreams and sesame seed bun fantasies.

The Sixxy Cow Burger /
Holy Chuck

The Outrageous Mouthful – Holy Chuck Burger

The ultimate of outrageous burgers may just be found at Holy Chuck Burger. With their six-patty ‘Sixxy Cow’ and their ‘Go Chuck Yourself’ food eating challenge, you’ll find some of the tastiest patties no matter how many you’ve chosen to pile on. Their meat is high-quality, aged and ground fresh throughout the day and if that’s not all, their milkshakes are so good, we recommend adding one to your order for the full burger-and-shake experience.

The Gourmet Burger – The Oxley

Located in Yorkville, the bright red brick building is hard to miss. With a patio in front and back and a cozy but classy pub-style interior, you have options for where to enjoy their hand chopped chuck burger. It is the thoroughbred of gourmet burgers with a chopped steak patty rather than ground meat, smoked side bacon and a choice of blue or cheddar cheese. We’d recommend going on a nice day and sitting on the back patio with a cool drink to compliment one of the best burgers in the city.

The Classic – RUDY

Sometimes all you need or want is a good ‘ol classic burger and if you head to RUDY, a small diner-style spot in Little Italy, you’ll discover that a great burger doesn’t need anything fancy. The RUDY is simply a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and sauce. It is hands down one of our favourites for a quick burger fix and with a decent price, we think it’s one of the best for the value you’ll find. We’d recommend getting your RUDY tattooed, which is code for adding bacon.

Prime Beef Double Cheeseburger /
Museum Tavern

The Local & Tourist Favourite – Museum Tavern

Claiming to have one of the best views in the city, Museum Tavern also has one incredible burger on its menu. Served with fries, their prime beef double cheeseburger tastes like a fancy Big Mac. Since it’s right across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum, and it does have a pretty nice patio view, it’s no wonder that both locals and tourists alike stop by to take it all in.

The Cheap Eats Burger – El Furniture

It’s a restaurant we talk about all the time. Our go-to for a late night meal in the city and the ultimate in bang-for-your-buck in our opinion. El Furniture Warehouse in the Annex may be a noisy and busy self-proclaimed dive bar and probably not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure serves good food, all at $4.99. That goes for their burgers too and we highly recommend one if you’re looking for a decent burger that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

The Veggie Option – Utopia

There are many great vegetarian restaurants in the city but sometimes vegetarians and non-vegetarians unite and you must find a compromise. For us, it’s Utopia and their diverse menu including their house-made veggie burger. While the patty is good, what makes this burger so great is the assortment of free toppings like spicy mayo and crispy onions. We’d highly recommend it as a vegetarian option and also suggest you ask for the patty to be cooked separately from the meat.

The Fusion Burger /
Sushi Run

The Fusion Burger – Sushi Run

Here’s where we let out an audible sigh. Two of our favourite things – sushi and burgers – coming together to create some culinary magic. Sushi Run may be located in the west end of Toronto but it’s worth the visit. Sure it’s not your usual burger but sashimi, tempura bits, avocado, cucumber and lettuce served on a bun of fried rice is pretty brilliant. We recommend the sashimi burger for authenticity sake but the chicken and bulgogi burgers are also options to try.

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