A Cup of Warm Bliss:
7 of the Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Toronto

Warm your heart and soul — and hands — with these toasty sweet concoctions. Here’s where locals go for a hot cocoa fix.

Gourmet hot chocolate on table.
Cacao 70

With winter officially upon us, stay warm by trying the incredible hot chocolate options in the city. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are many. From extravagant to traditional, there’s a hot chocolate out there for every occasion. Here are a few local favourites:


Sweet Jesus

Although best known for its “pimped out soft-serve,” this extension of La Carnita does offer three unique variations of hot chocolate, which happens to keep in line with their creative spin on dessert in general. The Salted Dark Hot Chocolate boasts an Oreo and chocolate rim, the S’Mores Hot Chocolate is — of course — all about the toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs, and finally the Cake Batter is inspired by red velvet pastry.

Peace Treats

Rivalling Sweet Jesus is Peace Collective’s Peace Treats. Since this collective’s missiooronto prominently on the map, it’s only natural it would treat the city to a crazy concoction that is worthy of being shared on all social media platforms. Each drink is not only topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and graham cracker — it’s finished with a full skewer of toasted marshmallows.



Opened for over 15 years, this artisan chocolate factory is popular among locals. For the holiday season, it isn’t about “hot chocolate” per se, it’s about “drinking chocolate” — quality chocolate. There are two different ways to do so. A simple, warm and comforting classic, or the exotic Mayan, layered with a spark of chili peppers, orange peel, ginger and a special blend of spices.

Cacao 70

Since it began as a chocolate drinking bar, Cacao 70 definitely specializes in the hot chocolate experience. For those looking to enjoy one that’s rich and full, this is the place for you. Although there are five customizable options, the go-to is the classic Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa. Insider tip? Order it with semi-sweet chocolate, which is off the menu.



This coffee shop has become a hub for so much more, so people might not realize just how good the hot chocolate is here. There’s only one option but it’s the only option you need. Creamy with a subtle toasted marshmallow undertone, the drink is just sweet enough to satisfy those cravings without giving you a toothache.

Tim Hortons

There’s nothing more Canadian than Tim Hortons. Whether or not you’re traveling from afar, it’s a staple that both locals and visitors love. The franchise continues to keep its loyal fanbase on its toes with different variations on classics such as peppermint hot chocolate and more.


El Caballito

Bar hopping is something we do all-year-round in Toronto. Switch things up during the chilly season and try a spiked hot chocolate instead at this King West spot. It adds a kick of tequila that’ll definitely keep you deliciously warm like the toasted marshmallows that rest on top.

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