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Toronto's food scene has a distinctly multicultural influence because it's reflective of the people who call this city home. Sample some of the diverse flavours on the go with these internationally-inspired food trucks, recommended by the local globe-trotting duo behind One Modern Couple.

We love street food, especially in our own city of Toronto where street food is embodied in the food truck. We always say we find the flavours of a culture on the streets, which you’ll find in the trucks that are dishing up amazing and innovative meals right to our sidewalks.

What makes Toronto’s food truck scene really special is that the cultural flavours are of many different countries. With the diversity of people who live in the city, comes a diversity of cuisine and a love for trying new and different foods from around the world. In fact, you can taste the world on the streets of Toronto simply by hopping your way from one food truck to another.

If you’re thinking of doing just that, we’ve put together a list of food trucks in Toronto that we not only love but will have you tasting your way from North America to Europe and South America to Africa.

Mr. Pierogi

Head to Eastern Europe with Mr. Pierogi

Pierogies are filled, boiled dumplings that are usually thought of as a Polish dish though you’ll find them in many Eastern European countries as well. We both consider making good pierogies to be an art form and Mr. Pierogi has mastered it.

Not only do we get our fix of the original, we also try something truly unique with their different flavoured toppings like taco or cheeseburger. No matter which option you choose, consider adding an order of dessert pierogies. Banana, Nutella and whip cream on a perfectly cooked pierogi with a subtly-sweet filling? You won’t be able to stop at just one!

The Arepa Republic

Dine in Venezuela With the Arepa Republic

Veronica and Luis, the owners of The Arepa Republic Food Truck, say they wanted to create a bridge between cultures by bringing authentic Venezuelan cuisine to Toronto with their traditional arepa sandwiches. The bread, or arepa, is made with cornmeal so it is gluten-free, made daily and prepared fresh.

Though there are a variety of options to choose from, and often a special of the day, consider trying the pabellon arepa since it’s not only a signature dish in Venezuela, it’s also an award-winning food truck item in the city. One of us is an avocado addict so we love the reina pepiada, which is a whole lot of chicken avocado salad.

Dang Good BBQ

Feel at Home in North America with Dang Good BBQ

When we think about grilling food and barbecued meats, we often think of good home cooking in the south and always think of ribs, brisket and pulled pork with southern spices and bursting smoky flavours. It’s no easy feat creating BBQ genius on a food truck but Dang Good BBQ manages to do so.

Whether the meat dishes remind you of Southern-style cooking, an outdoor grill at the cottage or a backyard party, each bite will have you tasting some of the flavours of North America. If you choose to get ribs, we recommend the caramel espresso dry rub.

Chimney Stax

Fight Hunger in Hungary with Chimney Stax

We came across Chimney Stax Baking Co. at the Toronto Christmas Market in 2014 after returning home from an extended period of travel. It was our first taste of the incredible dishes a food truck can offer and when they handed over a steaming Chimney Cake rolled in cinnamon and sugar, we were hooked. The owners got the idea from a trip to Europe where street food vendors served Chimney Cakes.

We have to say that Chimney Stax is the best we’ve tried, even in our travels through Hungary, where they are considered a traditional food. Their creative sweet or savoury options, like their sandwiches, offer different options for each time you spot their truck.

The Spicy Ethiopian

Turn Up the Heat in Ethiopia with The Spicy Ethiopian

On a quest to make Ethiopian food more accessible and food-on-the-go more healthy and flavourful, Lily started The Spicy Ethiopian, which brings spices and flavours straight from Ethiopia to the streets of Toronto.

Though food is generally eaten with injera, a type of sourdough flatbread, utensils are available to make it easy for those walking the streets or going back to work to enjoy. Since there are vegan and meat-lovers options, there’s something for everyone and it’s a culinary experience in the city you won’t want to miss.

Little Havana Café

Quench Your Thirst in Cuba with Little Havana Café

Though Little Havana Café is a cross between a food truck and a café stand, the trailer out of which the café and bar operate is mobile and you can find it around Toronto’s streets serving up amazing Cuban coffee and ‘mocktails’, as well as some traditional snacks.

Cuba holds a special place in our hearts and we love that the warmth, friendliness and fun we associate with the country is easily found at this food truck. We’d recommend trying a Classic No-Jito on hot days while thinking of the beautiful beaches and amazing city streets in Cuba.

Get Skewered

Get Multiple Stamps in Your Passport with Get Skewered

Mel, the owner of Get Skewered, wanted to provide a healthy option on the streets of Toronto and she manages to make the food so delicious, it’s not only good for you but also just plain good.

We absolutely love being able to get a taste of Southern Europe, Morocco and Polynesia all in one place and with fresh ingredients, it’s hard to say no to a trip to all three! Between the chevapi, the Polynesian pork dish and the Moroccan Tahini Chicken, it’s a world of flavours in one place. Though we love it all, we recommend the chevapi – it’s one of our favourites.

Locations: Find Your Food Truck

Because of the city’s bylaws around parking for food trucks, you may need to do some research to find the one you are looking for though you’re almost guaranteed to spot one while walking the streets downtown during the warmer months. The Toronto Food Trucks site is updated daily to provide you with the freshest updates on your food truck of choice.

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