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No matter what style of music gets you moving, you won’t have trouble finding a crowd of similar devotees rocking out to the hottest local and international acts in Toronto.

Janelle Monae sings onstage.

Every live-music lover has a favourite venue. Sure, you probably catch shows at all kinds of places, but there’s one sweet spot—whether a tiny neighbourhood bar or a gargantuan stadium—that delivers your ideal concert experience. Listen up: here’s where you’ll find it in Toronto.

>It’s nearly impossible to choose a “best of” list from Toronto’s many nightspots, but here are 10 trendy Toronto clubs where you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


From swanky clubs to rocking stages, here are six popular Toronto hangouts where you can keep the party going after last call.

Discover Toronto’s thriving jazz scene. Between live music bars and festivals, jazz enthusiasts can get their fix every day of the week.

Discover Toronto’s vibrant Latin hotspots. With Latin bars, salsa clubs and colourful festivals, get a taste of Latin America right here in Toronto.