In the Spotlight: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

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Experience Toronto’s newest and most exciting attraction! Containing over 5.7 million litres of water, the 12,500 square metre (135,000 square foot) interactive aquarium immerses guests in a thrilling underwater adventure that showcases more than 16,000 marine animals.

Canada’s Largest Indoor Aquarium

Open 365 days a year, Canada’s largest indoor aquarium features one of the world’s most extensive jellyfish exhibits, 65+ year old giant lobsters, Southern Stingray and Bamboo Shark touch pools, and daily live dive shows.

From the heart-pounding experience of Dangerous Lagoon, to the hypnotic dance of Pacific Sea Nettle jellyfish at Planet Jellies, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is captivating Torontonians as well as guests from around the world!

Top 7 Things to Do at Ripley’s Aquarium

  1. Learn about the ecosystems of Canada’s Great Lakes and surrounding seas at Canadian Waters. Begin your journey through the Aquarium by learning what life is like for the underwater creatures living beneath the surface of Lake Ontario and the other Great Lakes. Then head to the Pacific Kelp Exhibit to see a simulation of the wave conditions on the British Columbia coast. Featured sea creatures include the Largemouth Bass, American Lobster, Wolf Eel, Giant Pacific Octopus, and more.
  2. Be transported to the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific at Rainbow Reef. This kaleidoscope of colourful fish and coral has to be seen to be believed. You’ll feel like the Little Mermaid as you take in this vibrant oasis and the tropical fish that call Rainbow Reef home.
  3. Take a heart-pounding journey through Dangerous Lagoon. The Aquarium’s most exhilarating exhibit is an experience you will never forget. Step onboard the moving walkway to be transported through the underwater glass tunnel home to the aquarium’s most fearsome-looking animals, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Roughtail Stingrays, and Green Sawfish. You can’t help but oooo and aaaah as the majestic creatures glide above mere feet from the top of your head.
  4. Pop-up into the underwater viewing bubbles at the Discovery Centre. A favourite among kids and underwater explorers of all ages, the Discovery Centre allows visitors to crawl through underwater tunnels into transparent viewing bubbles for an up-close look at Clownfish, Palette Surgeonfish, Guineafowl Puffer, and more. Get your hands wet at the Horseshoe Crab touch pool where you can feel the tough shells of these extraordinary “living fossils.”
  5. Watch the daily dive show at Ray Bay. Marvel at the grace of the Cownose Rays, Southern Stingrays, and Roughtail Stingrays as they coast through the water in Ray Bay. Time your visit so that you can watch the rays feed out of divers’ hands in the daily dive show (occurs every two hours beginning at 11:15am).
  6. Enjoy a mesmerizing light show from the dancing jellyfish at Planet Jellies. With hundreds of jellies surrounding you on all sides, you will truly feel as if you’ve visited another planet at the Planet Jellies exhibit. Be hypnotized by the backlit and colour-changing displays filled with five species of jellyfish. Don’t forget to look up, where the ceiling exhibit showcases the beautiful and translucent Moon Jellies!
  7. Touch a shark or a stingray at the Shoreline Gallery. The Shoreline Gallery at the top of Ray Bay provides visitors with an educational and tactile experience like no other. Run your fingers against the sandpaper-like skin of a Bamboo Shark or the silky smooth skin of a Southern Stingray, while friendly educators will teach you about these amazing creatures. You’ll fall in love at first touch!

Special Events

In addition to its regular visiting hours, Ripley’s Aquarium also hosts several special events and activities.

Stingray Experience

Get up close and personal with a stingray! This two hour adventure includes:

  • Admission to the aquarium
  • A Behind the Scenes tour
  • An in-water experience in Ray Bay
  • A souvenir backpack and towel
  • Photos of your experience on a USB flash drive

Pricing and reservation information can be found on the Ripley’s Aquarium website.


Spend an evening exploring the Aquarium and learning about the magnificent marine animals that grace its waters. Afterwards, tuck into your sleeping bag for an unforgettable evening beneath the “Dangerous Lagoon” shark tunnel. Surrounded on all sides by sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles, this will be a slumber party to remember!

Family sleepovers are open to family groups of any size, to a maximum of 60 people. Learn more about Family Sleepover Dates.

Friday Night Jazz

On the second Friday of every month, Ripley’s Aquarium turns into a soulful one-of-a-kind jazz bar. Wander through the aquarium while treating your ears to live jazz music. Drop by the cash bar for refreshments and watch as the marine animals move and groove to the rhythm. It’s the perfect spot for a memorable date night.

Annual Pass

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