8 Surprising Facts about Toronto’s CN Tower

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As the iconic CN Tower turns 43, we’re taking a look at a few incredible milestones and some pretty remarkable bragging rights.

Soaring 553.33 metres (1,815-ft, 5 inches) above ground, the CN Tower is an architectural wonder that attracts almost 2 million visitors each year. Can we blame them? The jaw-dropping views from the sky-high observation decks along with the world-class entertainment and dining inside make the CN Tower a “must see” attraction for anyone visiting (or living in!) Toronto. As this iconic landmark turns 43 years old, take a minute to appreciate some epic CN Tower milestones.

Construction Took Over Three Years

The CN Tower first opened to the public on June 26, 1976, and it instantly became a Canadian icon. But building this masterpiece wasn’t easy. For 40 months, 1,537 brave workers toiled 24 hours a day, five days a week to remove over 45 metric tonnes of earth and shale for the foundation and raise a 335-metre (1,100-ft) concrete shaft. The construction bill was also sky-high at $63 million total, amounting to roughly $370 million today.

Race to the Top in 58 Seconds

It takes just under a minute for the high-speed elevators to reach the LookOut Level. In April 2008, glass floor panels were added to three of the elevators – a first in North America – giving riders a gripping 346-metre (1,136-ft) view below.

360 Restaurant has the World’s Highest Wine Cellar

In 1997, the “wine cellar in the sky” premiered at 360 Restaurant, the Tower’s revolving restaurant. At 351 metres (1,151 ft) above ground, the cellar holds the Guinness World Record as “world’s highest wine cellar” and can hold up to 9,000 bottles. They have more than 500 wines from around the world, including top Canadian labels. If you dine at 360 Restaurant, the elevator ride and access to the LookOut and Glass Floor levels are complimentary with the purchase of a prix fixe by each guest.

The Glass Floor Can Hold 35 Moose

Walk, crawl, jump, or dance on the CN Tower’s Glass Floor – the 2.5-inch thick glass panels can withstand the weight of 35 moose! Installed in June 1994, it was the world’s first glass floor and inspired other see-through floor experiences to debut around the world. Standing on the glass, you’ll get a heart-stopping view 113 storeys straight down. In 2018, a new Glass Floor was installed on the LookOut Level, making the experience even more thrilling. In 2018, a new Glass Floor was installed on the LookOut Level, making the experience even more thrilling.

The Main Observation Level is Newly Renovated

Thanks to the revamped space (also revealed last year) there are even more panoramic views courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling “Window Walls,” and more access for everyone – there are no more barriers along the windows.

You Might See Niagara Falls

SkyPod is 33 storeys higher than the LookOut Level and offers breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. It’s one of the highest observation platforms on earth, and on a clear day, you may spot Niagara Falls or New York State. There are also exhibits detailing what happens when the Tower is struck by lightning and a pendulum showing how the Tower moves in the wind.

You Can Walk Outside on the Roof

In 2011, the Tower upped the ante by introducing EdgeWalk – the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk. Suspended 116 storeys above ground, you can walk outside on a barrier-free ledge encircling the roof of the Tower’s main pod. Strapped to a safety harness, unleash your inner daredevil by leaning all the way back into the open-air, while enjoying the cityscape.

It’s a Wonder of the Modern World

In 1995, the American Society of Civil Engineers crowned the CN Tower as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World” – a prestigious designation shared with the Empire State Building in New York City and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Taking the trip to the top, you’re not just enjoying an incredible view – you’re appreciating a miracle in civil engineering.