5 Reasons to See “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” Now

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The Royal Ontario Museum's latest exhibition is a rich and riveting look at one the most feared and misunderstood creatures in our world. With 400 spiders and their relatives on display, you can get up close to live specimens in 20 different exhibits, including some of the most venomous!

A peacock spider shows its colors at the ROM's See Spiders: Fear & Fascination exhibit.

Here are 5 highlights of the exhibition, courtesy of Dr. Doug Currie, Vice-President, Natural History and Senior Curator of Entomology.

Green Lynx spider on leaf.

Live Spiders When people think of a museum, they don’t usually think of living things.

This exhibition is special because visitors can get right up close to live spiders and their relatives in 20 different exhibits, including some of North America’s most venomous species, like scorpions, black widows and brown recluses.

Interactive Spider Lab This educational space features live venom milking demonstrations and opportunities to learn about real specimens from experts with varied daily programming. Venom collected from huntsman spiders, dock spiders and giant scorpions will be used For biomedical research.

Yellow cape made with the silk of the Golden Orbweaver spider.

Spider Silk Cape This is the largest textile in the world made completely from the all-natural silk of 1.2 million golden orbweaver spiders from Madagascar. On display for the First time in North America, the cape took designers and creators, Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, an incredible 3 years to produce.

Giant spider models on webs at the Royal Ontario Museum's Spiders: Fear and Fascination Exhibit.

Scaled-up Models Spiders are generally quite small, but the exhibition features giant, scaled-up models of different kinds of spiders, animating them in a way that lets visitors get closer than ever.

Multi-media Elements The exhibition is rich with augmented reality, immersive experiences, video projection technology and interactive elements. Visitors can:

  • Wander through a cave where virtual spiders react to their movements.
  • Enter a huge dome web with live tent weaver spiders spinning webs above their heads.
  • Compete in a virtual dance-off with a peacock spider.
  • Colour and then animate their own arachnids.

For more info on Spiders: Fear & Fascination, visit the ROM’s website.