Tastemaker Toronto

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Event date May 2020 (date to be announced) LocationEvergreen Brick Works Official website Official website

The beautiful Evergreen Brick Works is the setting for one of the top global food festivals.

A large group of chefs dressed in aprons and other chef attire sit down to a feast at a beautifully-set table in the middle of the field. The chefs hold up their glasses in a toast, smiling at the camera.

Fine Dining, Festival Style

The historic Kiln Building in the Evergreen Brick Works is transformed into a foodie wonderland for two days of eating, drinking and entertainment. Toronto’s greatest and hottest restaurants dish up their best in a rustic setting in the heart of the city. Add to that dozens of producers of the finest food, beverages and premium brands providing a bountiful food market, and you have a can’t-miss culinary festival.

The chef line-up ranges from household names to emerging super stars. Grant van Gameran (Bar Isabel and Bar Raval), Alida Soloman (Tutti Matti) and Michael Hunter (Antler) are just a few of the leading culinary masterminds in Canadian cuisine brought together by Tastemaker Toronto.