While You’re Here

Accessible Toronto

Take charge of your travel needs by consulting The Canadian Travel Agencies guide for those with special requirements. For Accessibility standards in Ontario, please visit CWDO.org.

Languages Spoken

There are two official Canadian languages – English and French. In addition to these, the top five languages spoken in Toronto are Chinese, Italian, Tamil, Portuguese and Spanish.

Money Matters

Toronto offers visitors world-class products without world-class prices. A favourable exchange rate doesn’t hurt, either. So be sure to pack an extra bag for the loot you’ll want to bring back home.

  • Toronto’s currency is the Canadian dollar
  • For denominations under five dollars we use coins – some we’ve even given cute names: the loonie ($1), and toonie ($2)
  • U.S. dollars are accepted in most Toronto establishments, although you’ll receive change in Canadian funds and exchange rates will differ from merchant to merchant
  • You’ll find cash machines/ATMs in most banks, hotels and shopping centres
  • Travelers cheques and credit cards are accepted at most (but not all) major retailers
  • Currency exchange is available at banks and kiosks throughout the city and at the airport


If you’re happy with the service you receive, a 15-20% tip on the pre-tax bill is a standard expression of appreciation when dining out in the city. Note that some restaurants automatically add this gratuity when serving large groups, so be sure to check your bill.

Tips are also expected for services such as haircuts, shoe shines and taxi rides. 15-20% is standard in these situations as well.


The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a 13% tax that is applied to most purchases of taxable supplies of goods and services in the Province of Ontario. The HST consists of a 5% federal portion and an 8% retail sales tax portion.

Official Holidays

Banks, liquor stores and government offices observe these holidays, as do most stores and business offices. Holidays that occur on weekends are observed the following Monday:

Official Holidays observed in Toronto:
Holiday 2015 2016 2017
New Year’s Day Thursday, January 1 Friday, January 1 Sunday, January 1
Good Friday Friday, April 3 Friday, March 25 Friday, April 14
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 5 Sunday, March 27 Sunday, April 16
Easter Monday Monday, April 6 Monday, March 28 Monday, April 18
Victoria Day Monday, May 18 Monday, May 23 Monday, May 22
Canada Day Wednesday, July 1 Friday, July 1 Saturday, July 1
Civic Holiday (stores open) Monday, August 3 Monday, August 1 Monday, August 7
Labour Day Monday, September 7 Monday, September 5 Monday, September 4
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 12 Monday, October 10 Monday, October 9
Remembrance Day (stores open) Wednesday, November 11 Friday, November 11 Saturday, November 11
Christmas Day Thursday, December 25 Sunday, December 25 Monday, December 25

Religion & Places of Worship in Toronto

Toronto is home to a vast multicultural population and is welcoming to all. Here are some suggestions for places of worship in Toronto.