Indian Charm in Toronto

By Karin Ronde | @kandkadventure


Toronto’s population has been described for many years as a ‘veritable melting pot’ of cultures and nationalities. Half of Toronto’s population (more than 1.2 million) were born outside of Canada, and the region welcomes approximately 55,000 immigrants annually. Downtown Toronto is composed of many differing neighborhoods built up from communities of immigrants from Little Portugal, Chinatown, Little Italy, and so many more.

The Indian and Pakistani population is spread throughout downtown Toronto, and throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). They make up a large portion of the 12% of South Asians living in Toronto, and have made great strides in developing businesses across the GTA.

Indian food in Toronto is extremely good, and as the restaurants are so spread out through the downtown core and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s fairly easy to find a great place to tuck into your favourite dish, be it samosas or chicken tikka.

However, for those visiting Toronto and doing the rounds through the different downtown communities like Kensington Market, you should really make time for a visit to Little India on Gerrard Street, or one of the popular Indian restaurants in the downtown core.

With over 100 shops and restaurants at the Gerrard India Bazaar you can find a wide selection of services and products represented by many subcultures of South Asia. The Bazaar also represents a wide range of cuisines that vary for different tastes and you can also find new dishes that have become local specialties.

Located on Gerrard Street in Little India are some of the most talked about Indian restaurants in Toronto, including Lahore Tikka House, renowned for its nostalgic and simple décor and traditional North Indian cuisine, or if you’re looking for more of an oriental ambience I recommend Famous Indian Cuisine, as it also has a buffet.

If you’re staying closer to the downtown core and want something quick there are several Indian restaurants door to door at University and Queen Street. Little India is incredibly popular with three floors for dining, as well as a buffet lunch menu. They have great options for group or couples dining as well, making it well worth a visit.

For those of you visiting Toronto who want to kick back and just take a break after a full day of sight-seeing, there are several high quality Indian restaurants that offer delivery through A personal favourite (and excellent value for money) is the combo box from Banjara, which comes with everything you need (and leftovers for your lunch the next day) for a full and delicious dinner. You can also customize your order by how hot or mild you want your food to be, thus catering for all tastes.

Indian food in Toronto is delicious, affordable, and comes in such a variety of flavours and tastes that vary with the culture and locations you go to, everyone can find something they like. While you’re in Toronto, see the sights, climb the CN tower, but also check out the local communities and different cultures throughout the city. You won’t be disappointed!

About the Author

Karin Ronde is an expat travel blogger from Britain, who works as a Marketing Manager in social media and online advertising. She lives in Toronto, Canada and loves photography, nature, and her travel blog, K and K Adventures, which she writes with partner Kieran Moore. They emigrated to Canada almost two years ago and take time off to travel as much as possible.