Adventure in Toronto

By Seattle Dredge | @SeattleTravels


As an adventure travel blogger, I am constantly getting into all kinds of crazy adventures on the road, and I soon forget that there are just as many adventure activities available to me at home in Toronto. Here is a list of some of the activities that Toronto has to offer, in both summer and winter.


  1. EdgeWalk

    The ultimate adventure in Toronto is located high above the city skyline, on the roof of the CN Tower. Harness yourself in and take a leisurely stroll at 1,168 feet (356 meters) above the ground below. If walking on the roof isn’t enough for you, try placing your heels over the edge and leaning your entire body back into the air with nothing to hold on to, but the harness in front of you.

  2. Skydiving

    Skydive Toronto is located just north of the city, to give you a panoramic bird’s eye view of both glistening Lake Simcoe and the entire span of the GTA. Whether you jump tandem or want to get yourself certified, there is no bigger rush of adrenaline than throwing yourself out of a moving airplane and falling toward the earth at 200 km/hour. Another fun activity in the skies just outside of Toronto is tandem hang gliding.

  3. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

    Toronto is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario; a perfect place for water sports and activities like SUP. Rent a board or take a tour and navigate your way through the islands, or do a little extreme plane-watching from the end of the runway at Billy Bishop Airport.

  4. Clothing-Optional Beach Volleyball

    Yes, you read that correctly; there is a nude beach in Toronto. Located on a secluded corner of the Toronto Islands, visitors are free to bare all on the beach. Hanlan’s Point Beach is one of Canada’s only two official nude beaches, the other being in Vancouver. Flying into Billy Bishop Airport? Look down, the beach is located on the same island. If nudity isn’t your thing, Toronto has plenty of clothing mandatory beaches too.

  5. Xtreme Skyflyer

    Head up to Canada’s Wonderland to test your courage on Canada’s largest free-fall swing. You will control your own ride experience by pulling the rip cord and initiating a 170-foot power flight that takes you through a breathtaking pendulum swing, soaring a mere six feet above the ground.


My fellow travel bloggers are descending upon our beloved city this summer, but I’m certain that they’ll love it so much that they will just have to make a return trip during our infamous Toronto winter. Here are a few bonus winter adventures:

  1. Skiing/Snowboarding

    This is one winter activity available in the city that most Torontonians don’t even know about. I only discovered it myself as I used to frequent the Sheppard bus line and spotted the ski lifts down in the valley at Earl Bales Park. You may not get the elevation that Blue Mountain offers up at Collingwood, but the fact that you can literally just hop on the TTC to reach it makes up for that. Prices start at $15.50 and rentals are available on location.

    Skiing and lifts are also available at Centennial Park, close to Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

  2. Ice Skating

    Toronto is notorious for its abundance of outdoor ice rinks, but none are more popular than Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. Bring your own, or rent a pair of skates and do a few laps before grabbing a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

  3. Snowshoeing

    Take a two hour guided snowshoe tour through the Humber Valley, or simply rent your own pair and hit the numerous bike trails within the city.

  4. Tobogganing

    There are many great hills in Toronto that are perfect for sliding down in the winter; from the steep incline of Winston Churchill and Riverdale Hills to the numerous slopes in High Park. One of the best hills in the city is located at Lithuania Park, just north of High Park.

My Toronto is one of adventure, adrenaline and unexpected fun.

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