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Toronto has one of the liveliest music and nightlife scenes in the world. The major venues host the biggest touring acts and renowned arts producers, but those little hole-in-the-wall bars with independent musicians make for memorable experiences too.

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Toronto’s Thriving Live Music Scene

No matter what style of music gets you moving, you won’t have trouble finding a crowd of similar devotees rocking out to the hottest local and international acts in Toronto.

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Your Festival, Your Way

Catch your fave acts in one epic weekend. Whether that’s all in one place or all over the city is up to you.

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Top 10 Toronto Nightclubs

It’s nearly impossible to choose a “best of” list from Toronto’s many nightspots, but here are 10 trendy Toronto clubs where you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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The Liveliest After-Hours Bars in Toronto

From swanky clubs to rocking stages, here are six popular Toronto hangouts where you can keep the party going after last call.

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Jazz Bars in Toronto

Discover Toronto’s thriving jazz scene. Between live music bars and festivals, jazz enthusiasts can get their fix every day of the week.

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Latin Bars & Restaurants in Toronto

Discover Toronto’s vibrant Latin hotspots. With Latin bars, salsa clubs and colourful festivals, get a taste of Latin America right here in Toronto.

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Beat Seekers

Enjoy Toronto’s live music scene your way. Here’s where to get your live-music fix at your fave kind of place.

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