The Faculty Club, University of Toronto

Previously, male and female members of the University`s Faculty Union customarily met separately – the men at Hart House and the much smaller contingent of women at the University Women’s Club on St. George Street. But at the insistence of some professors, including German scholar Barker Fairley and his wife, Margaret, who offered the Club a collection of Group of Seven works on the condition that it welcome women as members, the Faculty Club opened its doors in the summer of 1960 to faculty and senior administrators of both genders. This impressive collection of Group of Seven art is open for public viewing in the elegant Fairley Lounge on the main floor of the building. In 2009, the Faculty Club celebrated its heritage by renaming one of its upstairs meeting halls “The Primrose Room.” For more than a half century, the Faculty Club has served as an important social centre for the University of Toronto community, including faculty, administrative staff, alumni, and has been one of the most successful university faculty clubs in Canada and North America.


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