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Royal Alexandra Theatre

The Royal Alexandra Theatre recently celebrated its centennial in 2007 and is a masterpiece of beaux-arts architecture. It is the centrepiece of Toronto theatre and is the oldest continuously operating legitimate theatre in North America.

Shaw Festival’s Production of ARCADIA
Nov 4 – Dec 14, 2014
You are in for a dazzling Tom Stoppard tale of secrecy and intrigue that’s been hailed by critics as a masterpiece. It’s a mystery wrapped in a love story, wrapped in a scandal. In its unraveling, the play zigs and zags from mathematics to poetry, from sex to gardening! It’s a time and mind-bending roller-coaster ride that is also one of Stoppard’s funniest and most moving plays.

Over its history the Royal Alex has been home to over 3,000 productions including the recent hits, Mamma Mia!, Private Lives starring Kim Cattrell & Paul Gross, Rock of Ages & Dirty Dancing.