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An event and concert space utopia awaits at KoolHaus, where infrastructure exists to fulfill every imaginable concept with immeasurable wow-factor. A-list acts like Coldplay, N.E.R.D. and Lady Gaga have all graced the stage here. Let the party begin. Need to house 2,000 people? No problem – this is KoolHaus. Large-scale concerts, fundraising galas, large-scale product launches, and private affairs feel right at home in this one-stop-venue. The open concept at KoolHaus presents the perfect blank canvas. It features its own entrance, a 40′ x 24′ stage, DJ booth, backstage area with greenroom, dressing rooms – complete with a three-piece bath – and production offices, internet and fax connections and a merchandise/registration booth. A coat check, two sets of washrooms, and four fully equipped bars round out KoolHaus’ remarkable amenities. Three video projectors and more than 70 programmable, intelligent lighting fixtures can help customize any theme and make music come to life.