Foodies on Foot

Experience Toronto’s largest variety of food tours and food events with Foodies on Foot™. Uniting foodies and food lovers, locals and tourists, over Toronto’s dynamic food scene.

From the signature 501 Streetcar Food Tour, that takes guests to 6 food related stops in 6 neighbourhoods, to exclusive classes and social dining experiences with the top chefs and the most creative people in the food industry, to the Ultimate Foodie Experience, which provides couples or groups with a night out that only a food industry insider can provide, Foodies on Foot™ is dedicated to creating the most unique events with a heartwarming approach of connecting people through their passion for food.

Other events include culinary crawls, chef series dinners, communal dining, supper clubs, food tours, food festivals, and more! The founders of Foodies on Foot™ are food industry influencers and Torontonians who are proud of Toronto and dedicated to supporting and showcasing the best independent local restaurants/lounges/cafes/shops through public and private/corporate events. Join Foodies on Foot™ as they connect communities and unique independent food related shops/restaurants, with locals and visitors, over good food, good chat, and good fun!


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