Dish Cooking Studio

At Dish, we’re creating a holistic food experience – one that is thoughtful, helpful and flavourful. By giving people the opportunity to cook, eat and shop under one roof, Dish is a distinctly different neighbourhood culinary destination.

Serious lovers of food, our approach is rooted in the belief that good food starts with the best ingredients – and that the perfect pantry is possible. That’s what fuels our insatiable search for the finest kitchen ingredients from around the world. That doesn’t mean we want to bring you 10 of the world’s best olive oils. It means we’ll keep looking until we find the one. And only.

It’s this curated collection of hand-picked ingredients that will fill our shelves, invigorate our menu and inspire our teaching.
And it’s with those ingredients that we, at Dish, and you, at home, have the makings of more memorable meals to enjoy with friends and family.


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