Culture & Nature Discovery Walk

If you are curious about Ontario’s Indigenous culture, join us on our Culture & Nature Discovery Walk. You will learn about their way of life and teachings that have kept Toronto’s Indigenous People grounded and flourishing for thousands of years. What’s more, you’ll learn how to integrate these values into your own life and enjoy greater well-being, happiness and success.

During this lively, full-sensory learning journey, we will bring to life their culture and history through the tradition of oral storytelling, a traditional ceremony, food sampling, music & more.

You will:

* SEE what life was like for these first inhabitants to this part of Toronto
* SMELL the fragrant healing plants used as medicine & participate in a traditional cleansing smudge ceremony
* TASTE the local food and beverages naturally plentiful to the area (your palate will be tickled!)
* HEAR the strength and passion of their music (and your musical muscle will be flexed)
* LEARN the wisdom of their teachings and how to apply it to your own life

We offer small group (12 people max.) tours that begin at the front doors of Old Mill subway station and walk South to Lake Ontario.

Good for you and good for Toronto’s Indigenous Women:
When you choose to participate in a Redwing Institute Culture & Nature Discovery Walk, not only are you enhancing your own life, you are also positively impacting the lives of Indigenous women living in Toronto. A portion of your fee is used to fund a skills development program for Indigenous women through our partnership with the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto. We invite you to learn more about our partnership on our website.

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We invite you to read our participant 5-star reviews on the Redwing Institute Walking Tours page.

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