C’est What?

Toronto’s best choice in craft beer and comfort food can be found in the casual, charming cellar of a historic building in the St. Lawrence Market area. Featuring the biggest selection of Canadian craft brews on tap, an all Ontario VQA wine list, art, indie music, board games, and pool tables, C’est What has true local flavour.

C’est What is Toronto’s original craft beer and wine restaurant that has consistently preached from the book of local and has left the Irish to have their own kind of pubs, the French their own style of wine, the Americans their own roadhouse food, and top-forty music to the radio stations. Since first opening it’s doors in 1988 C’est What has always been a proud Canadian cultural ambassador.

Against all conventional wisdom they have continually championed the little guy and have been an example to a new generation of establishments that are forging their own way without the influence of corporate tie-ins. As founder George Milbrandt says: “We believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. It is our passion for what we do that keeps us showing up for work every day. Well, that and the beer.”


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