Cabbagetown Preservation Association

The CPA was founded in 1988 to preserve the architectural integrity and historic character of the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood in Toronto. Cabbagetown is one of the largest areas of continuously preserved housing in North America.

Cabbagetown’s main street, Parliament Street, continues to evolve and offers some of Toronto’s most notable cafés, restaurants and pubs serving everything from Italian, Thai, Indian to Mexican and so much more!
Capture the feeling of a small town’s Main Street tucked away in the heart of big city Toronto.

A visit to this special area would not be complete without going to Riverdale Farm (yes, a real working farm downtown Toronto) and its two heritage cemeteries, St. James and the Necropolis. They both opened in the mid-19th century and are the final resting place of many great Canadians. These two cemeteries are ideal for a walk in quiet contemplation.

A handful of parks pepper the area including Riverdale Park West, the largest in downtown Toronto, just next to Riverdale Farm and opening up into one of Toronto’s gems: the valley of the Don River and its bicycle and walking paths.

Various events and activities throughout the year also make Cabbagetown a great destination: Forsythia Festival, Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces (garden tour), Walking Tours, Cabbagetown Festival, Arts & Crafts Festival, Short Film Festival, Pumpkin Walk, and more.



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