Location: Danforth Avenue, between Chester Avenue and Dewhurst Boulevard

Transit: TTC: Pape Station

Also known as the Danforth, Greektown is an integral part of Toronto’s identity. The Greek community started with only 20 Greek names in 1907, and has grown to become the second-largest outside of Greece itself – a testament to the area’s strong character and welcoming atmosphere.

The streets are lined with the unmistakable blue and white of the Greek flag and signs are displayed in both English and Greek. As one of Toronto’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, it is a premier destination for shopping, dining, strolling, patios and people-watching. It’s a place that’s always buzzing with excitement. Shouts of “opa!” waft through the air in the summer months, mingling with the scent of garlic and rosemary. Summertime also finds many restaurants and cafés open until the wee hours of the morning.

Most notably, Greektown hosts the annual Taste of the Danforth festival. This event brings the delectable cuisine out of local restaurants and into the streets. Listen to Greek bands while getting your fill of authentic souvlaki, stuffed grape leaves, grilled lamb and moussaka. Every year, it feels as if the delicious food and entertainment draw the entire city to Greektown.