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The Trial of David Suzuki

This event has passed.
November 6, 2013

One of Canada’s most trusted and respected scientists, Dr. David Suzuki, stands accused of seditious libel on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. A public trial is to take place at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The reason for this charge? On Wednesday, October 9, on the steps of the Toronto Courthouse, Suzuki announced his Carbon Manifesto – a bold, uncompromising plan that spells out the end of oil and sets a new course for Canada’s sustainable energy future. The Manifesto calls for the end of fossil fuels as a primary energy source; to protect Canada’s Boreal forest and oceans; a move ensuring 70% of the energy we consume is renewable within one generation; a carbon tax of $150 per tonne effective immediately; and that Canadian climate scientists must be able to share their findings uncensored and unimpeded by political or corporate interests.

Will Suzuki’s Carbon Manifesto save Canada or destroy it? Is he talking reason or treason? Is Suzuki undermining the financial security of the country? Or does the economy and country matter when our planet is turning toxic?

For more information: www.trialofsuzuki.ca

Location: Royal Ontario Museum — 100 Queen’s Park