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May 16, 2013
July 7, 2013

Toronto/Krakow based Mark Filipiuk interconnects imagery with digital, brush and collage techniques. The photograhic based works attempts to locate a typology of human personalities. On steel panels are multiple composites of adolescent youth in the institutional setting of a high school as the literary subject matter. The portraits are created with in-camera editing and post production digital techniques. The haunting and sparse images on metal plates are imbued with a psychological charge informed by Filipiuk’s 25 year career as an educator and observer of what Nirvana, singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain titled “Teen Spirit.” At first the works appear as a mimicry of paint, but the work rooted in photography — seeks to reflect a merge of drawing, painting and digital based collage.

For more details: www.artgalleryofmississauga.com

Location: Art Gallery of Mississauga — 300 City Centre Drive