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Rina Singha

This event has passed.
March 20, 2014
March 22, 2014

Circle of Bricks explores the vast versatility of the rhythmic elements in kathak dance. Choreographer Rina Singha and guest director Danny Grossman, along with kathak dance artists Hemant and Vaishali Panwar, Reshmi Chetram, Shanta Chikarmane, Nisheeth Nirjhum Proshanti, Chad Walasek, Divya Gossai, Sharda Samaroo, Neetika Sharma, Farzana Aluddin and guest artist Eddie Kastrau engage the audience by contemporizing traditional stories and relating them to modern day life and experiences.

A tribute to Rina Singha’s master Guru Shambhu Maharaj, Circle of Bricks presents the traditional patterns and intricate technique of kathak (one of eight styles of Indian classical dance) while highlighting the expressive joy and excitement that comes from allowing rhythm to decorate and guide body movement.

Rina Singha is an unstoppable dynamo who presents this new creation at the age of 76. Drawing on training she received from a guru who taught her to dance inside a circle of bricks – a painful way to learn not to misstep – Rina offers a rich kathak experience.

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Location: Harbourfront Centre