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Fire Of Anatolia

This event has passed.

Fire of Anatolia’s basic concept is the meeting of civilizations. It is a dance portrait aiming at the meeting of eastern and western cultures, giving universal messages of peace.

It presents the world a show, a cultural feast at modern standards, combining folk dances with ballet, modern dance and other disciplines of dance.

Fire of Anatolia, originating from the mythological and cultural history of Anatolia lasted for thousands of years, is a unique project that bears 3,000 dance figures and the music of the Anatolian people, which are compiled from almost every region of Anatolia. The project created by Mustafa Erdoğan aims to introduce the whole world the fire of Anatolia, which is based on the idea of combining the concept of “peace” with Anatolia’s cultural and historical mosaic of thousands of years.

Being deemed as one of the very numbered dance companies of the world by means of the tours in foreign countries and promotion activities till today, Fire of Anatolia is the most splendid show that became universal with the power of our national culture.

For tickets: www.sonycentre.ca

Venue: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts — 1 Front Street East