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Emanuel Ax Plays Brahms

This event has passed.
November 6, 2013
November 7, 2013

For Brahms, a concerto called for every bit as much depth, ingenuity, and imagination as a symphony. Piano Concerto No. 2 is a big, bold piece that has everything: warmth, drama, excitement, and beauty.

Come for: Emanuel Ax, an audience favourite who has a long and accomplished relationship with the TSO, plays Brahms’s magnificent Piano Concerto No. 2.

And more: Two symphonies, separated in time by 200 years: one a cheerful masterpiece of the eighteenth-century Classical style; the other a fascinating Canadian piece from our own time, written by the TSO’s Composer Advisor.

For tickets or details: www.roythomsonhall.com

Venue: Roy Thomson Hall — 60 Simcoe Street