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Collected in the Field: Shoemaking Traditions from Around the World

This event has passed.
November 14, 2012
The seeds of the Museum were sown in the field when Mrs. Sonja Bata began to travel the world with her husband on business. At each distant destination she found herself marvelling at how different traditional footwear was around the world and she began to collect examples. Her early collecting became the foundation of the Museum that would grow to include over 13,000 artefacts. Join us beginning November 14th as our newest exhibition opens to the public. Highlighting the history of shoemaking traditions, many of which are slowly disappearing, the exhibition will feature field trips that have brought a wealth of in-depth information to the Museum. Visitors can learn from the voices of the makers, see the images of their processes and amaze in the diversity of traditional footwear reflecting a variety of world cultures. COST: Included with regular Museum admission $14 adult; $12 senior; $8 students; $5 children (5 – 17 years); Children under 5 are free; Family passes are also available. Free for Museum members. www.batashoemuseum.ca