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Celtic Crossroads

This event has passed.
March 14, 2014

8:00pm. Single Tickets: $58, $63, $68. Subscribe from $44. Celtic Crossroads launches an explosive spectacle that is exhilarating and authentic. This show is a tribute to their relatives and their country – not many people are aware that practicing traditional Irish arts was outlawed in the homeland less than 100 years ago and unlawful gatherings at crossroads were tinged with danger. With youthful energy and dazzling musicianship this show combines traditional Irish music, bluegrass, gypsy and jazz with the excitement of percussive Irish dance. If you want a show that will restore your faith, re-energize your soul, leave you hoarse from shouting and sore from stomping, then Celtic Crossroads is for you!

For tickets please visit: www.rosetheatre.ca or via phone at 905-874-2800.

Venue: The Rose Theatre — 1 Theatre Lane, Brampton, Ontario