Trend Watch: Holiday 2015

Globe Bistro’s proprietor, Ed Ho, knows the secrets to holiday magic. His restaurant kicks off the festive season in October (Canadian Thanksgiving), carries it through November (American Thanksgiving), and then goes full tilt December through January. If there’s anyone who understands what people crave this time of year, it’s Ho – whose restaurant has earned the covetedWine Spectator Award of Excellence seven years running. Here’s his take on this festive season’s top food and entertaining trends. ShareThis

Globe Bistro’s Ed Ho & Team

Q: What’s hot in foodie culture right now?

A: Local and sustainable menus, as well as artisanal producers and products. Hyper-local is pretty interesting too: gardening and foraging your own ingredients. We forage a number of ingredients and keep bees for our own honey production. Trusting the chef to take care of your meal choice is also big. We’ve been doing blind tasting menus for the last three years and it’s a lot of fun for us and for the guests.

Q: What are the big trends in holiday entertaining?

A: Overall, diners are leaning towards more casual settings and approachable menus. And the best trend is companies having their holiday parties in January. December is so busy, that it makes so much sense to defer it to January.

Q: What dishes are likely to be served in the homes of passionate food lovers this winter?

A: In winter people like comfort foods like slow braises and stews. People looking at local, seasonal produce will be focusing on root vegetables like potatoes, parsnips and beets, as well as squash. There’s no shortage of appetite for local charcuterie and cheeses, either.

Q: What’s new and fresh on holiday drink lists?

A: We’re still in the midst of a cocktail craze. Home made infusions, syrups and bitters are huge. Add to that a surge in craft brewing, casked cocktails, and wines on tap, mostly from local producers. Wine lists are becoming quirky and eclectic, with wines from lesser-known regions. Canadian wines fit into this category, and most guests love to support our local wine program.

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