• January 30 – February 12, 2015
  • At over 200 of Toronto’s favourite restaurants

Toronto’s winter foodie celebration!

Winterlicious Toronto brings a series of mouth-watering culinary events and gives you a chance to indulge in creative cuisine from around the world at great prix fixe value. Try something new, try something exotic, try something traditional or try it all during this savoury, luscious, and succulent series hosted by more than 200 of Toronto’s top restaurants. Is anybody else getting hungry?

Tips to Maximize your Winterlicious Experience

The prix fixe extravaganza that is Winterlicious is taking over Toronto’s restaurant scene from January 30st through February 12th.For everyone from visitors to our great city to seasoned Winterlicious-going citizens, we’ve got a few great tips so you can maximize your Winterlicious experience:

  1. Only make reservations that you can handle

    Sure, it’s easy to think big and attempt to cram in two three-course meals daily for the duration of Winterlicious. But soon you’ll start to regret all those extra calories. Be smart… pick your own personal Top 10… and enjoy each meal as much as the last.
  2. Consider the servers

    During Winterlicious, thanks to – at many spots at least – greatly reduced bills, servers stand to lose a fair amount of their income. Please consider increasing your tips by 5% to 7%.

  3. Try new things

    We all love steak frites but on a prix fixe menu they’re ever-so blasé. Winterlicious is a perfect time to order up dishes you’d typically not get. Don’t like to eat anything you can’t pronounce? Point at the menu and have it brought out. Had a bad experience with venison and not looking to relive it? Bad dishes happen to good ingredients! Don’t penalize an item that is varied in application just because one meal flubbed it.

  4. Best bets

    For some great suggestions for this year’s Winterlicious, check out the View the Vibe 25 Best Bets that range from the city’s creme de la creme to the hippest small joints, that have taken part previously. Some or all of these restaurants may be participating again this year, and if so, they are sure to please any diner.

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