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Toronto’s Winter Foodie Celebration!

For two scrumptious weeks, Winterlicious Toronto brings a series of mouth-watering culinary events to the city and gives you a chance to indulge in creative cuisine from around the world at great prix fixe value. Try something new, try something exotic, try something traditional or try it all during this luscious series hosted by more than 200 of Toronto’s top restaurants. Is anybody else getting hungry?

10 Must-Try Dishes From 2016’s Winterlicious

1. Boeuf Bourguignon at Auberge du Pommier

Described as the “jewel in the Oliver & Bonacini crown,” this top-notch French resto serves up this classic of slow-cooking cuisine on both its lunch and dinner Winterlicious menus.

Made with braised strip loin, beef cheek, bacon lardons and pearl onions served with a medley of winter root vegetables, it’s the classy-yet-hearty dish that’s simply délicieux.

Location: 4150 Yonge Street

Winterlicious Menu: $28 Lunch, $45 Dinner


2. Luckee Duck at Luckee

While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at any of superstar chef Susur Lee’s restaurants – Bent, Lee and Luckee – our pick for must-try meal is his signature duck dish.

Lee’s daring, delectable take on Peking duck – a build-your-own-wrap with barbecued duck breast and steamed Chinese pancakes – explodes with flavour and may very well start you on a Susur Lee kick.

Location: 328 Wellington Street West

Winterlicious Menu: $35 Dinner


3. Buttermilk Pancakes at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

They don’t call them “Mrs. B’s Legendary Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes” for nothing.

So popular that they were moved from the Sunday brunch to the everyday lunch menu, these fluffy discs of deliciousness – with Lanark County maple syrup – will leave you wishing every meal was brunch.

Location: 85 Hanna Avenue

Winterlicious Menu: $23 Lunch, $35 Dinner


4. Chicken & Waffles at Harlem

If you’re looking for a hearty Winterlicious meal to warm you up this winter, make your way to this Toronto soul food favourite and soak up the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance.

Then, sit down for a real Southern treat and tuck into their famous Fried Chicken & Waffles – your taste buds will thank you.

Location: 67 Richmond Street East

Winterlicious Menu: $18 Lunch, $25 Dinner


5. Pork Sausage Bun Platter at Momofuku Daisho

You simply can’t go through Winterlicious without putting Momofuku Toronto on your list.

Although it boasts another one of those you-can’t-go-wrong menus, the pork sausage buns at celebrity chef David Chang’s popular Momofuku Daisho are unparalleled.

Location: 190 University Avenue

Winterlicious Menu: $28 Lunch, $45 Dinner


6. Flan de Café at Los Colibris

Those with a sweet tooth will want to indulge in Latin America’s version of custard at this upscale Mexican restaurant.

Silken and sublime – and in Los Colibris’ version, flavoured with coffee – we can’t think of a sweeter way to finish a fine Winterlicious meal.

Location: 220 King Street West

Winterlicious Menu: $23 Lunch, $35 Dinner


7. John’s Burger at Marben

While there’s no shortage of delectable burger offerings on this year’s Winterlicious menu, “John’s Burger” at Marben takes it to a new level.

This savoury offering of braised rib, aged cheddar cheese and branston pickle is one of the tastiest in town and warrants a spot on any burger lover’s must-try list.

Location: 488 Wellington Street West

Winterlicious Menu: $23 Lunch, $35 Dinner


8. Smoked Salmon at Nota Bene

Want to get a taste of true Atlantic flavour without leaving Toronto? Then the Nova Scotia Wolfhead smoked salmon at Nota Bene is your go-to dish on this year’s Winterlicious menu.

Served up for both lunch and dinner, the rich, succulent smoked salmon at Chef David Lee’s Canadian restaurant will satisfy any mainlander’s seafood craving.

Location: 180 Queen Street West

Winterlicious Menu: $28 Lunch, $45 Dinner


9. Porchetta Schiacciata at Bar Buca

This inviting Italian snack-bar serves up some of the most mouth-watering sandwiches in town, in the form of schiacciatas (stuffed focaccia sandwiches).

While all four schiacciatas offered on this year’s Winterlicious menus are tempting, the porchetta schiacciata – stuffed with savoury roast Tuscan pork, creamy mascarpone and sweet apple mostarda – is our top pick.

Location: 75 Portland Street

Winterlicious Menu: $18 Lunch, $25 Dinner


10. South Indian Fish Curry at Pukka

Whether you’re a fan of tradition or crave more forward-thinking Indian fare, the $25 dinner at Pukka is sure to satisfy.

While our must-try dish leans towards the traditional side, the complexity of flavours will have even the most discerning of diners savouring every last bite.

Location: 778 St Clair Avenue West

Winterlicious Menu: $25 Dinner


Not ready to wrap up your Toronto gastronomical getaway? Not to worry – the city offers plenty of top-notch restaurants, vibrant bars and lounges, and budget-friendly eateries to treat your tastebuds year-round.

Bon appétit!

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