Toronto Caribbean Carnival

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Event date July/August 2018 (dates to be announced) LocationVarious locations across Toronto Official website Official website

An exciting cultural explosion of Caribbean music, cuisine, revelry and visual and performing arts. Over fifty years it has become a major international event and the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America.

A young woman is dressed in a large, elaborate and brightly-coloured costume reminiscent of a peacock during the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Every summer the streets of Toronto come alive with the sights, sounds and spirit of the Caribbean. And every year it draws carnival fans young and old, near and far to celebrate their heritage, music and, of course, food. In 2017, the 50th anniversary means an extra-special year, so you don’t want to miss this!

The Yearly Events

These are just a few of the dozens of events that take place throughout the three weeks of Carnival.

Official Launch Toronto Caribbean Carnival

July 11, 2017: The official launch of the annual festival is a cultural showcase and celebration of the creative spirit of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival and events happening in and around the City of Toronto. It all starts here!

Junior Carnival Parade and Family Day

The Junior Carnival and Family Day event is the opportunity to experience the cultural presentation of young performers participating as producers, performers and presenters.

Carnival Annual Ball

An elegant evening at the Liberty Grand gives the community the opportunity to recognize the historical impact of people who have volunteered countless hours to this festival over the years. Guests enjoy cocktails, dinner, dancing and a sneak peek of the lively calypso, steelpan and masquerade of the festival to come.

King & Queen Showcase

August 3, 2017: If you’ve never been to a King and Queen Competition, then get ready – the Caribbean Carnival’s King and Queen show brings elaborate costumes, pulsating music and friendly competition together for a night of big fun! Come cheer on these colourfully-costumed Kings and Queens as they dance to the rhythms of the Mas bands and see the new King and Queen crowned. As one of the most popular Carnival events, the King and Queen Competition regularly sells out, so get your tickets soon to get in on the action.

OSA Panorama/Pan Alive

August 4, 2017: The Ontario Steelpan Association showcases the pulsing rhythms of the Caribbean as they treat the ears of Carnival-goers to the sounds of the Pan Alive Competition. There’s no better way to experience the sounds of this traditional instrument from the lively heart of Trinidad and Tobago: the steel pan.

Grand Parade

August 5, 2017: After months of preparation, masqueraders in colourful and striking costumes and steel pan bands wind their way from the assembly area at Exhibition Place along a 3.5-kilometer stretch on Lake Shore Boulevard. This event continues to draw millions from all over the world to see the live performing street art year after year.