Luminato Festival

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Event date June 6 to 24, 2018 LocationThroughout Toronto Official website Official website

Each June the Luminato Festival transforms theatres, parks and public spaces across the city and creates a home for artists to play, share and create.

Marion Newman, mezzo soprano, in the show Bearing. Ms. Newman poses on a chair in a red gown, looking off to the side, in a brick-walled room with two large windows behind her.

The World Comes to Toronto to Celebrate Creativity

The Luminato Festival was born out of the cultural and creative energy of the city of Toronto and has become one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America. It’s an event for people who are open to having art change their outlook on the world.

5 Things to See at Luminato 2017

This year the festival returns to its downtown roots. From June 14 to 25, Toronto transforms into a cornucopia of artistic abundance in venues around the city with the main hub being The Famous Spiegeltent in David Pecaut Square. Whether you’re looking for pizzazz, soundscapes or just quiet contemplation, 2017 Luminato is gearing up for what promises to be a truly epic homecoming.

Here are 5 things to see at Luminato 2017 showing the diversity, energy and thought-provoking nature central to this year’s festival:

1. Celebrate the Strawberry Moon with “Tributaries”

In Canadian Indigenous culture, the human heart is represented by the strawberry. And, as the beating heart of their nations, Canadian Indigenous women are honoured this June, the month of the Strawberry Moon. On June 14, Luminato opens its two week programming on David Pecaut Square with “Tributaries,” a multi-faceted celebration, through contemporary Indigenous music and dance, of the power, passion and resilience of Canadian Indigenous women.

2. Learn the other side of the story with “Until the Lions”

Playing at the historic Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre, from June 15 to June 18, “Until the Lions” is a partial adaptation of famed poet Karthika Naïr’s anthology of the same name. Through a combination of Indian karthak, contemporary dance and live music, award winning choreographer and dancer Akram Khan tells the stories of betrayal and revenge from the view of lesser-known female characters belonging to the ancient Sanskrit epic “Mahabharata.”

3. Light prevails in “King Arthur’s Night”

Traitors, talking animals and unfaithful love are all features of this darker staged adaptation of the classic Arthurian lore we know. Co-created by Niall McNeil, an artist living with Down syndrome, Marcus Youssef and James Long, of Canadian Stage fame, and Canadian singer-songwriter Veda Hille, this full-out theatrical production, taking the stage at Berkeley Street Theatre from June 15 to June 18, features a mix of actors living with and without Down syndrome, a live band and large choir.

4. See three-dimensional portraits with “Life Reflected”

Join the National Arts Centre Orchestra as they perform four musical portraits of four significant Canadian women written by four separate composers, alongside projections, photography and graphic design works. This multi-media symphonic performance, which plays June 18 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, is a true celebration of youth, promise and courage.

5. Contemporary skating with a twist is “Vertical Influences”

Contemporary ice skating meets street dance with this exciting performance by Montreal’s Le Patin Libre at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (formerly known as Maple Leaf Gardens) and Scarborough’s Don Montgomery Arena from June 22 to June 25. Watch this collective of high-level figure skaters put on a carefully choreographed double bill to a complex composition of professional sound design. If participating is your thing, don’t miss the free DJ skate party on the night of June 23.

Visit the Luminato website for the latest information on 2018 programming.