When Sponsors Say: "Show me the ROI!"

No matter how high profile or attractive the event, sponsors who shell out cash and goodwill are looking for a return on investment. Before signing on the dotted line, they need to know exactly what the ROI will be for them and how it will be measured.

Here are a few rules of thumb to follow in creating a sponsorship pitch and event metrics and how Tourism Toronto can help.

Show them the fit: Research a company’s profile, product /services, past event alignments, target market and current/future marketing potential and then connect the dots to your event’s audience demographics and benefits. Build a partnership case founded on similarities, strategic objective matches, gaps that can be filled and sustainability as a long-term marketing relationship.

Show them the added-value: Develop a pitch that clearly outlines benefits each sponsorship level offers – logo placement, web links, product placement, mailing lists etc. Spell out in specifics exactly what each will do for the company such as increase sales, client reputation and market visibility.

Show them the metrics: Prepare your in-depth evaluation tools in advance so that potential sponsors know they will be able to assess event results based on concrete data. Along with the traditional measuring sticks such as attendance tracking, tools could include a pre-event benchmarking tactic, attendee and exhibitor surveys, focus groups, web blog and post-event feedback channels.

Show them the due diligence: Communication is key every step of the way. Update sponsors frequently and honestly during planning and implementation. Outside of post-event thank yous, present a detailed recap of the event, delivery on benefits and media/market coverage. Most importantly, clearly address sponsor feedback in promoting the merits of participating in the next event.

Thank them: When the event is over remember that sponsors should be thanked for their donation, no matter the size. If possible, provide them with an overview of the event so they can see how their donation helped.

Let Tourism Toronto show you their support: With our vast contact network and sponsorship experience, the experts at Tourism Toronto are a prime source for information that can help guide your quest for sponsors. Incorporate our marketing tools into your sponsorship pitch, draw from our research market data and our work with industries similar to yours. 

We can also help you explore other brand placement opportunities, partnership perks and media coverage.

Contact Tara Gordon, Vice President, Meeting & Convention Sales, at 416-203-3827 or tgordon@torcvb.com to talk sponsorship.

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