Rounding up Efficient Volunteers for a Successful Event

Regardless of the size of your event or budget, if you’ve stepped up to the plate to organize the next sporting event for your team, you’ll want to get as many hands on deck as possible. Whether it’s parents, friends, family or your local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) here are some suggestions on how to build a team of volunteers and lead them and your team to victory.

Recruit. Who would make a great volunteer? Parents will more than likely be traveling with their children – so this is a great opportunity to get them in on the action.  Once you have some passionate and supportive parents on board, they can then help recruit other parents, older children and friends to help out. Another great resource is your local CVB. They can give you lots of help planning your event and free up some of your time.  Tourism Toronto is one CVB whose service stands out in people’s minds. In an independent survey (Watkins Research), planners have ranked Tourism Toronto #1 CVB in Canada for service since 2002.

Assign jobs. Now that you’ve got a solid team of volunteers you can start assigning specific tasks according to your volunteer’s skills, abilities and availability. Assign tasks that are specific and measurable so your volunteers can be sure of what they’re being asked to do and work towards a measurable goal. If possible, give your volunteers tasks that they will enjoy doing. This will help maintain their enthusiasm during the even, and  they’ll be more likely to sign up to help next time around if they had a good experience. And lastly, match tasks to personalities – you don’t want introverts welcoming, and you don’t want to hide extraverts behind the scenes.

Organize Meetings. It’s a good idea to get together with your volunteers a couple times before your event to discuss the many details and ensure everyone’s on the same page. Keep your meetings well-organized and running smoothly. Be sure to take time at the meeting to thank everyone for their time and effort – and try to thank volunteers personally if you have the chance throughout the duration of planning for and running your event. This encourages future participation and again maintains their enthusiasm.

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