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One of the biggest causes for low attendance at events is due to people simply being unaware of the event or excited about it. That’s where motivating communications come in. However you decide to communicate your event, make it enticing and think of what would make you want to sign up to attend or participate right away. Be sure to include the basic “where, when, what, why, and how” information and give your recipients lots of time to plan getting themselves to your event.

Tourism Toronto’s free attendance building tools can help to fill the stands at your next sporting event. They offer customized postcards and newsletter templates to get the word out early for your event. Banners, print ads, html email and mapping tools keep people informed and get them excited about your event.  Check out these free online marketing tools:

Besides communication, there are other useful tactics to getting the attendance you’re aiming for.
Other ideas and ways to get people to your event:

• Increase the value of your product by charging admission when appropriate. Events that are ticketed are seen as higher value than free ones.
• Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn – reveal recent wins, achievements and awards on invites/flyers.
• Get the team involved in the community and activities - People are likely to cheer on players they know.
• Put on some kid friendly tournaments and games – parents and families are more likely to attend if games and activities to occupy younger kids are offered.
• Produce exciting half time shows with freebies or local talent.
• Raise school spirit – hold pep rallys prior to games.
• Get the word out – people aren’t always aware of events.
• Be sure to mention if it’s free – students often don’t realize that attending sporting events are free of charge.
• Getting there – provide buses/shuttle from schools/local facility to events and to away games.
• After party – a BBQ or snacks and refreshments will keep people around till the end, give them a chance to mingle and you could raise money for the team or a local charity.

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