The A, B, C's of Sports Event Planning

You’ve got a few events under your belt but your beginners luck might be wearing out. Check out this great advice of what to consider for your next event. For you pro’s – here’s a refresher!

The A, B, C’s of sports planning:

A: Accommodation – for guests, officials, participants and spectators
B: Budgeting procedures – get help with an RFP and find the best value
C: Coordinator for the event – a contact point person for planning and event day
D: Date of event (and of other similar or competing events)
E: Emergency procedures & Services – bomb, fire, chemical spillage, drowning, evacuation. Contact numbers for fire, police and ambulance.
F: Fundraising – before and during the event
G: Grounds Crew – ensure the venue is well maintained
H: Hire - facilities for activities, seating, equipment and staff
I: Identification – name badges and security passes
J: Jump start – start planning early and reduce the stress of last minute issues
K: Keep it organized – staff, volunteers, athletes, spectators and registration
L: Legal aspects – contracts, legislation such as Health and Safety acts,
Fire Prevention acts and Data Protection act
M: Marketing (Get a free attendance building toolkit from Tourism Toronto!)
N: Notice – give people enough time to arrange to attend the event
O: Officials – referees, timekeepers, scorers
P: Photography – to display at the event, staged photograph opportunities for the media and allocate photographs after the event with further press releases
Q: Questions?  Just ask us for help!
R: Refreshments – for organizers, guests, spectators and participants
S: Sponsorship – ensure sponsors are looked after, 'sponsors spot'
T: Transportation – to site and throughout site
U: Uniforms
V: Volunteers – keeping them organized, informed and of course thanked
W: Work schedules for all members of organizing committees
X: Can you add to our alphabet? – we can’t think of anything for X
Y: YYZ – Toronto Pearson International Airport’s airport code
Z: Canadians pronounce it “ZED” not “ZEE” (learning local lingo can really help)

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