A Speaker That Will Get the Word Across

The first step to choosing your guest speaker is to determine their role at your event. Are you looking for someone to motivate your guests, to entertain, to educate? Once you decide on the ultimate goal of the speaker, it will help you narrow down your prospects. For instance, a peer may be the most effective way to influence your guests, whereas an expert would be better to inform. Toronto makes it easy by offering a wide range of talented speakers to choose from.
Next, consider your audience. Younger crowds tend to communicate better in a more interactive environment. In this case, your speaker may need to moderate a panel or lead a discussion rather than deliver a speech.

Another great way to choose the right speaker for your event is to find out who your guests want to hear! Get their opinion prior to the convention by posting candidates online and having delegates vote on the one they would like to see. You can even include short video or audio clips to give them a sense of what each speaker is like.

After all the hard work you put into choosing the right speaker, you’ll want to ensure your audience will have no trouble receiving the speech. Little distractions can ruin even the best of talks. Make sure the meal isn’t being served during the speech and acquire the necessary audio and video equipment for the size of the room.

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