Go Green, and Gold!

With winning at the top of the list, try making "going green" a close second when planning your next sporting event. Everything from getting there, the amount of garbage produced, available recycling, the facilities and accommodations – learn how to do it all green!

Getting There:
Choose a city that is easily accessible to all attendees. If you are within driving distance of the location, arrange for hybrid buses and encourage others to carpool. For cities that are further away, consider purchasing a carbon offset to compensate for the emissions produced during the flight. (Calculate the cost.) For a less expensive way to stay green – take the train. Toronto is within 90 minutes of 60% of the US population, and keeping it close means keeping it green! Click here for more information on getting to Toronto.

Choose a facility that adheres to an environmental policy. This may include things like energy efficiency, waste management or laundry services. Ask your facility to provide large water coolers and encourage your athletes/fans to bring re-usable water bottles. Reduce packaging on concession items – offering fresh fruits, vegetables or barbequing local favourites will cut down on both packaging and transportation. Whether it’s an arena, pool or field – learn about how they maintain the grounds and choose the facility with the most eco-friendly practices. Toronto is ranked amongst the greenest cities in North America – through our network of members, our team will work with you to find a green facility that meets your team’s needs.

A significant way to stay green is to select a hotel that has an environmental policy and to select a property close to your venue. See Toronto’s green hotels. Give your attendees the option of walking or taking public transit – which will also save them money.
If you think it sounds difficult, consider this – When the Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosted the 2007 PCMA Annual Meeting of 3,000 delegates it was a zero-waste event.

Go green, and gold!

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