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Let’s face it: sports, especially at the amateur out-of-town competitive level, can swing a mighty pocketbook punch. Fundraising for tournament play is often what keeps the game alive for many teams.

Tourism Toronto has just the ticket you need to help organize all of your tournament logistics, from accommodation and sports venue, to marketing and media. And, we can help in the fundraising department with ideas and a member referral service that puts you in touch with other sports experts, suppliers and maybe even a potential sponsor or two.

In the meantime, the following ideas might help keep your eye on the fundraising ball:

Give it PR oomph: Give your fundraising quest a higher profile by reaching out to the press – both at home and when in town -- with inspired human-interest stories of your athletes and team’s needs, efforts and goals.

Think of it as practice: If you can, take your sport and add an “a-thon” to it. Yes, an oldie but goodie, but today’s skate-a-thons, bat-a-thons, swim-a-thons, golf-a-thons etc., are experiencing a revival as the encouragement of healthy, active pursuits for our youth is uncovering a whole new wave of paying supporters. 

Sales muscle: Align your team with a retailer or brand willing to donate a percentage of sales on designated products. Make it a team effort, promoting the goods to family, friends and, of course, customers, as players rock sales during a day of spirited, uniform-wearing, profile-raising onsite salesmanship.

Partner introductions, eh!: Ask your team’s local corporate sponsors if they have Toronto or Canadian branches or a product presence here. A well-developed sponsorship pitch, slam dunked from one head office to the other, could extend your fundraising home run into a winning streak across the border.

’Tis the season: When selling fundraising products – chocolate, gift wrap, garden plants – time the campaign, and promote the delivery date, so that the goods arrive in the hands of buyers just in time for peak season usage.

Green for green: Organize an earth day-style festival, complete with a community clean up, sponsored eco-style challenges and booths selling environmentally friendly products etc. The double whammy comes from your green “dream” team doing something good for the community while raising funds through on-site donations and concession stand proceeds.

For more great fundraising ideas contact Robert Kawamoto at

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