Eating Locally with the 100 Mile Diet

The typical ingredient in an average meal today has traveled 1,500 miles or more to get from farm to plate, losing its freshness and taste as it travels by air, sea and road.

What is the 100 mile diet? It’s buying and eating food that has been grown, manufactured and produced from entirely, from seedling to harvest, within a 100 mile radius of where it has been consumed. “Locavore” eating encourages sustainable agriculture from local farms with seasonal foods that don’t have to travel thousands of miles in trucks and planes that leave large environmental footprints.

Benefits of the 100 Mile Diet:

  • In-season foods contain less ingredients and preservatives, and don’t have to travel as far, therefore saving you money.
  • You’ll gain positive PR from positioning your event as sustainable and environmentally friendly with the use of local food and producers.

How to run the 100 Mile Diet at your next event:

  • Hire a caterer who will provide fresh (and organic, if possible) and local food.
  • Use food that is in season, resulting in unique and inspiring dishes that’ll impress your guests.
  • Feature local wineries and breweries for your drinks such as Toronto’s downtown brewery, Steamwhistle.

Think it sounds hard? Well don’t fret, here’s a list of some of the many local foods available within 100 miles of downtown Toronto. And to top that, many local producers are also organic.

The St. Lawrence Market, located in the downtown core, features many local producers who supply nearby hotels and convention centres with their food. When pre-planning your trip you can plan to sample/taste what your attendees will be served. 

Beretta Organics
Etobicoke (16.8 Miles from Toronto)
Certified organic Beef, Pork, Chicken and Turkey
The Healthy Butcher
Sells meats from local farms – certified organic guaranteed

Cookstown Greens
Thornton Ontario (54 Miles)
Produces organic salad greens, seedlings, edible flowers, garnish leaves, specialty greens, root vegetables, spring vegetables, summer and fall vegetables. 
Van Hart Farms
Kettleby (39 Miles)
Products are sold in many locations throughout Toronto and features organic produce.

Monforte Dairy
Produced in Stratford Ontario (91 Miles) Sold throughout Downtown Toronto
Blends 21st century European cheesemaking techniques and centuries-old craft traditions with local Mennonite-produced sheep’s milk.

Gay Lea Foods
Sold across Toronto
Owned by over 1200 Ontario Dairy farmers two of the five production families are located in Mississauga and Toronto producing a range of dairy products.

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