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Exercise Bytes

Is your event packed with sessions? Do you ever need to fill program gaps? Looking for new and innovative sponsorship opportunities? Want to make your events more memorable? X bytes are on-demand video fitness breaks for conferences, meetings, and events. This new and innovative technology keeps people alert, entertained and energized! The breaks are brief, sweat-free, tailored for participants wearing business attire, and for use at their seats. Each of the four video breaks integrates easily into the agenda as: energy boosters when energy levels are low (mid-morning and mid-afternoon), time fillers to fill unplanned gaps, and social icebreakers that build camaraderie. Videos can be corporate branded to attract sponsorship revenue.

43 Lunau Lane

Phone: 1-855-8xbytes
E-mail: info@x-bytes.com

Web site: www.x-bytes.com

Greater Toronto Area

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