The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) consists of 4.2 million people and is situated in southern Ontario. It’s easy to get to. Over 1,000 flights a day land at Pearson International Airport.  The impressive new Terminal One welcomed its first travellers in 2004. With spas, fine dining, baggage tracking systems and dramatic public art, it’s the centrepiece of a $4.4 billion investment ensuring the safety and comfort of more than 25 million air travellers every year. From there it’s just a quick drive to downtown along superhighways.

Aviatophobic? It’s easy to get to Toronto even if you don’t like flying. Efficient highways lead to the city from all directions. The American border is just over an hour away.Trains also roll into downtown’s Union Station all day long. VIA Rail brings passengers from the Windsor-Quebec City corridor while Amtrak has regular service from New York City and Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago and New York, Toronto’s climate is remarkably similar to the two cities’. The summer temperature averages a balmy 26° Celsius (80° F). In winter, the temperature rarely drops far below freezing. Even on the coldest days, you’ll still see Torontonians out enjoying a wonderland created by a few inches of sparkling white snow.

Currency Exchange
The exchange rate is another appealing aspect of visiting Toronto. The Canadian dollar always fluctuates against the U.S. dollar, but for decades now the exchange rate has favoured foreign visitors. This makes Toronto hotel rooms, venue rentals, meals and even souvenirs inexpensive when compared with similarly-sized destinations south of the border.

Interesting Fact
Toronto’s name was long thought to be taken from the language of the Huron First Nations, a word meaning “meeting place.”  Perfect for a city that is the ideal convention spot. However, scholars have discovered a different origin for the name Toronto. The Mohawk word tkaronto means “where there are trees in the water.” On the Toronto Islands there are plenty of spots where trees seem to dip their roots right into the lake. Go see for yourself!

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